Thursday, May 31, 2007

This made me hoot

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Shy a Day

Ohmi goodness!I've abandoned my blog for nearly a month, shy a day. I've never let it go this long. What a shame.... how many of you still check it?

anyone? anyone?

(Ferris Bueller moment there.)

Well, part of the problem is I still haven't yet sucked-it-up and paid for a keyboard replacement, so every time I need to use the letter "a" I have to hold down the Ctrl key and hit "v." It's tedious and akward especially if my left hand is a bit slow to release the Ctrl key and my right types the next letter and then annoying stuff happens all over the screen, esp. if the next letter is an l, or d, or v or b, etc. and just forget about finding a capital "a" to paste!

I've got a few pictures from the last month. Mostly involving food. Nicholas is amazing
at dreaming up great food ideas and combinations. His latest inspiration was our 5ft by 4ft balcony and on the weekend we went out to our local Candian Tire and got us a BBQ, two folding chairs and some cute little flowering plants. and so, 14 floors up on a Sunday night, we had ourselves a grilled steak and eggplant dinner. Complete, of course, with a couple bottles of beers. Mmmmm!