Sunday, February 08, 2009

Lululemon Photo Shoot with Bruce Zinger

For my work as ambassador with the Bloor St. lululemon athletica, I was treated to a photoshoot back with award-winning Toronto photographer, Bruce Zinger. We choose the ROM for the setting as it's really representative of the unique qualities of the neighbourhood. It was a real pleasure working with Bruce - he was so professional and quick! (Which was ideal, given that it was December and nippy outside. )

Watch for these photos to appear soon on my revamped website, Lightfooted.


At 9:55 a.m., February 08, 2009, Blogger marsha said...

Those are some serious pipes there, missy! Looking great!

At 5:34 a.m., February 24, 2009, Blogger Kamla said...

nice pics! you look great:D

At 6:29 p.m., August 08, 2010, Blogger Raspberry Stethoscope said...

I loved your Salutation Nation experience because it was so different from mine, as far as the weather is concerned. I think a nice rainy day would have been nice, actually.
Thanks for the blog comment:) Stop by anytime.

At 2:49 p.m., July 06, 2011, Blogger Cruel Intentions said...

Awesome Pics .. But Why Did You Stop Writing?

At 4:19 p.m., July 07, 2011, Blogger Lightfooted said...

Thanks for the comment, Cruel Intentions - and the good question. I don't know exactly why I stopped: got busy with grad school and just didn't get back in the habit of writing. I miss it, that's for sure...


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