Friday, January 23, 2009

Tweet Tweet

At first I resisted: what's this new Twitter thing? Another time-waster? Best wikie it. Okay, so now people can find out what I'm doing at every moment. Why should I join it?

Then I forgot about Twitter for a couple of months, and just last week, it dawned on me: I could use Twitter to promote Lightfooted. Specifically, to share my daily nutritional choices and fitness routines. I had just completed a 6-week Elimination Diet, losing 10lbs, gaining clear skin and consistent energy. I found that my clients and friends were asking how I did it and what I was eating now and I was spending a lot of time talking about my nutrition.

Twitterland is a great place to share my knowledge and routines in little, bit-sized bit of info. Okay, so I joined.

You can find me at Lightfooted.

Now that I'm on, I'm hooked. Last night, I was able to pull out three or four nuggets of current event trivia at a dinner party just from reading 2-second tweets from the likes of Blog TO and CBC World News and Lance Armstrong. It's seriously fun reading the small snippets of news from all these various sources.

Hope to see you there. Tweet tweet!


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