Monday, April 16, 2007

Lululemonnite II

So I'm going to be wearing this new Kyoto tech shirt in Jewel and Jellybean colours to work three times a week for the next three weeks (at which point it's "free" for me - I'm demoing it as it's a new item that's not selling as fast as it should be.)

It's actually great for running and other rigorous activities as it's woven with silver-dipped threads (using Silverescent technology) which is anti-stink, anti-static and very light-weight. I'm sure after three weeks of continual wear on me, its properties will be tested to the max.

The Velocity Gym bag in Macc and Lawn colours is designed to carry a yoga mat on the outside and everything you need for the gym on the inside. The mat pictured is my hot yogi mat, which is cotton instead of plastic to provide an anti-slip and super absorbent surface for Bikram or Moksha yoga styles. (You can read about how much Nicholas and I love hot yoga on his blog post of "Near Death and Detox at Bikram." We're actually going twice a week these days.)

... and it's almost too dorky, but my water bottle matches!!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Lexi the Tramp

Farm life is fun, too funny actually. Last night, my dad informed me that their miniature Doberman Pinscher, Lexi, just had four puppies.

What?! How was that possible? Dad and Hilde were so diligent at keeping their Border Collie herding dog away from the two females. Then I remembered... there was just one occasion in January where my Dad has his back to the dogs, only to turn around and catch Glen and Lexi in the act.

Apparently when Dad hollered at them, Lexi freaked out and froze up and they got stuck. Really stuck, with Dad trying to pull them apart (the dogs ended up bum to bum, laying on the ground, but still stuck.... try to figure that one out.) The dogs yowling, Dad hollering for Hilde and out from the house she comes running with a bucket of ice water to pour on their stuck bits (apparently an old wives remedy) which only made Lexi squeal more. Although by this time Glen figured his life was finished and was staring glassy-eyed straight ahead without moving. Hilde, now rather concerned, went back to the house to get some other remedies (cooking oil?) and on the way she whistled hard for Glennie to come fetch the ball and that did the trick: as soon as Glen heard he was called to "work" any amorous thoughts left in his one-tracked little mind vanished and out he popped and came running to the house for one throw of the ball before he spent the rest of the afternoon licking his wounded member - and his pride. Dad and Hilde had something to say about the priorities of the male dog, which I found particularly amusing, and which was when Lexi earned her nickname.

So.... the one and only time these two virginal pets were to meet, and four little butterballs the result. Nature is funny... and awfully determined, don't you think?