Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Post From The Past

Dusting off the Travelling Broad...

I created this blog more than four years ago as an electronic diary for myself and folks back home while I went abroad to England.

I had grand visions of a stunningly designed site, with my random and terribly insightful observations of life abroad filling page after electronic page. My photos were to be each worth well over a thousand words, so vivid and profoundly interesting they were. Mmmm... big ideas

Alas, this site remained caught on a dusty strand in the infinite spirals of the web, forgotten until yesterday. With my imminent move back to the UK looming, I went about finalising little niggly things: changing email passwords, updating addresses, and dredging through my electronic history and lo! - I pulled up this site. So today, with the gratefully appreciated help from my dear dear friend Nicholas, I'm able to publish my very first post.

Stay tuned for more posts!

that Travelling Broad, Jodie