Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cross-Canada Crazy Adventure

Well, the $137 price tag was appealing... and I romanticised the distance by imagining the oodles of free time to be singularly productive and to take in the wonders of this great country, but in the end, 48 hours on the Greyhound is as bad as it seems.

Highlights: Snow, snow, and more snow! Like I've never seen before. 24 of the 48 hours were spent heading north through Ontario and on the Saturday morning, I went for a quick run across Thunder Bay, where grated snow sliced in thick layers as tall as my waist cut a narrow path, opening up the sidewalk from the surrounding white landscape.

Lowlights: No surprises here - the inability to get any real sleep on the bus. That, and an extremely irate bus driver who threatened to kick me off "at the next stop - don't care where you're going" because, apparently, if you spend more than a minute in the bathroom, you must be sneaking a cigarette. Try convincing him you were doing stretches!! Definite lowlight.

Although Greyhounding it across the country was an adventure, I will, from now on, gladly take my free package of nuts and security check-in hassles of flying over the trials of 48 hours and the lure of a $137 cross Canada bus trip.


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